Our Design Services

PensiveWEB designs customized websites that are easily maintained by our clients. We can keep your costs down by allowing you to share in the maintenance of your website. We provide the foundation and provide the tools necessary for you to take as much control as you want. Our flexible pricing schedule reflects an individualized approach to building a website that meets your needs. Rather than charge large up front fees for development, we provide a subscription approach which bundles design and hosting costs amortized into convenient monthly expenditures to meet your budget. You might be surprised to learn that annual costs are much lower than what some companies charge for design services alone. This is what we call PensiveWEB MAGIC.

We will design a website that meets your needs including social networking, SEO, and a personalized look and feel. We are certain we can meet your cost and design goals to help you become more successful without becoming a software engineer. We offer various plans from design, to design-hosting-and maintenance. We can put together a plan that suits your needs AND budget. Our number one goal is to design a website to meet your needs in developing a web presence. We understand the constraints a small business operates under, and the amount of free time a small business owner can dedicate to website design. We will handle everything so that you can focus on growing your business.

Contact us for any questions you may have regarding turnkey WEB design services.